The HUB is amazing! Having such a professional space has really helped to validate RevMedica to our advisers, potential investors and suppliers
— Tom Wenchell, Founder & CEO of Revmedica
The HUB has been instrumental to the success of my new business.  The beautiful office space helps give my business a professional image and most importantly provides a functional space where I can get my work done with my virtual team. An added plus are the different start-ups in the space, creating positive energy.
— Nancy Williams, Founder & President, Auditory Insight™ Hearing Healthcare Strategy and Marketing Consulting
The HUB has provided an invaluable opportunity to students in the New Haven area to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and practice hands-on activities that will prepare them for the changing world of business and innovation. Having the opportunity to show students what a modern co-working space can be inspires them to think beyond the walls of their high school.
— Colleen Gilroy, Education Manager, Junior Achievement of Southwest New England
The inaugural Digital Medicine Symposium was a great success based on everyone’s reaction and comments. It truly could not have been possible without your [The HUB and HealthVenture Capital’s] support. You both [Donna Lecky and Sri Muthu] have been truly valuable friends and collaborators these past couple of years, I’ve really learned a lot from you, and look forward to it continuing!
— Greg Licholai, Chief Medical Information Officer, PRA Health